Reading, focusing, seeing the board at school—with the right glasses, your child can conquer the world, or at least first grade. And with the smudge and scratch-resistant technology of Crizal Kids UV™ No-Glare lenses, their ultra-durable glasses will provide the clarity they need to succeed in school and in life.

The Result

Help Protect Your Childs Vision

You can also help protect your child’s vision against Harmful Blue Light with Crizal® Prevencia® Kids No-Glare lenses. Blue light comes primarily from the sun and artificial light sources like digital screens and fluorescent lights. With more and more access to screen-time, this young generation needs long-term protection. Ask your eyecare professional if Crizal No-Glare lenses are right for your child.

Kids Glasses

Other options for your child are Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses, which provide UV protection and reduced exposure to Harmful Blue Light, and Eyezen™ enhanced single vision lenses, which help defend against digital eye strain.

Do you know?

Did you know that children are more at risk of the eye-damaging effects of UV exposure than adults? Combine Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses with Eyezen enhanced single vision lenses for the most comprehensive defense against UV and digital eye strain.

School-Proof. Play-Proof. Kid-Proof.

At Essilor, we’re known for our superior quality and innovative technology. And our kids glasses are no different. Every pair of kids glasses is made with impact-resistant Airwear technology, which is 12x stronger than regular lenses. Offering 100% UV protection, Airwear lenses are the ultimate choice for every kid’s lifestyle.

The effect of blue light to the eyes of a growing child is more than that to an adult.

Stanley Wooten, Professional Optician
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